WMI landfill benefits county

Friday, April 11, 2008

Free convenience centers, more than $750,000 for the county annually, and increased tax revenue are among the benefits Waste Management officials cite as a result of the company's operation of the Cedar Ridge Landfill.

However, the landfill is reaching capacity and can't be expanded beyond a certain point.

Coupled with the lengthy process to get government approval for another landfill, a "dwindling capacity" at the Cedar Ridge site located just west of Lewisburg has created "some urgency" in the development of another landfill in this region, according to Terri L. Douglas, the company's community relations manager.

There's a limit to how much refuse can be accepted at Cedar Ridge, and even if expansion of Cedar Ridge is permitted by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation, Douglas says, "The landfill is within about eight years of closure and, depending on waste volumes, that period could be even shorter."

So while Waste Management continues to wait for approval from TDEC for an answer to its request for permission to dispose of trash on land that's not yet been used at Cedar Ridge, the company is exploring its options.

A 595-acre site on Pulaski Highway, between downtown Cornersville and The Tennessean Truckstop, is an "ideal site" for a new, modern landfill designed to meet all government specifications from its inception, Douglas said.

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