It should be about the quality of care

Friday, April 11, 2008

To the Editor:

Wake up Tennesseans, seniors and your families! At some point in our lifetime, the pending legislation before the House (House Bill No. 4053) and the Senate (Senate Bill No. 4075) can affect your very lives.

Summaries of these bills can be found at:

In essence the nursing home industry is putting itself in a postion to avoid being sued for neglect and abuse of our loved ones, when the very emphasis should be o n quality of care. Nowhere in either of these bills is quality of care even addressed. At a time when in 2007 the Department of Health reported 152 violations in nursing homes and even 22 nursing homes had suspended admissions.

Don't they know they can simply avoid litigation by providing increased nursing staff, improved training and meeting the federal standards that have resulted in shutdowns?

I think they are putting your money and their efforts in the wrong place. I would urge everyone to check it out and contact your legislators and let them know how you feel. Ask them what kind of quality of care would they like for themselves and their loved ones.

Vernell Marshall