Where was concern about north end of the county?

Friday, April 11, 2008

To the Editor:

I have been reading all the controversy over the landfill issue and the citizens' concern about their beautiful land and Richland Creek.

Funny how none of these residents of Marshall County were concerned about the north end of the county having to live with two rock quarries and the effect it has on our landscape, our wells and most important the Duck River.

Now we are going to have to put up with an asphalt plant that will be passed by our county commissioners on April 15.

We are sure of this. Do you not think there will be future damage to fish, wildlife and plant life in and around the Duck River from the run off of these quarries and an asphalt plant, not to mention our air quality?

The Cornersville area wants support to fight the landfill. Both their district county commissioners voted for the quarry and the one remaining will probably vote for the asphalt plant.

I don't see how the county commissioners that voted for the quarry cannot vote for the landfill, as we were told, "You can't deny someone the opportunity of having or running a business."

Isn't Waste Management a business? Won't it bring tax money to Marshall County?

That's the reason now that the resident of District 2 live with their home shaking, fear that our wells will drop and now we are going to have to smell asphalt every day and worry about our air quality.

Where were the residents of Marshall County when we needed help fighting these issues? Not at any of our meetings. This just shows you how the saying goes, "If it's not in your backyard, it's not your problem."

Martha Watt