Why steal from a grave?

Friday, April 11, 2008

To the Editor:

This letter is for the mother who cried over her son's grave when the roses of her love for him were stolen.

My wife and I lost our son nearly eight years ago. He was laid to rest in Lone Oak Cemetery in June 2000. We have kept flowers on his grave for every season since his death. We faithfully placed new arrangements for spring, fall and the Christmas season.

This was our gesture of love for our son, the arrangements made by a family friend.

Then it happened to us.

About one year ago the two hanging baskets were stolen from our son's grave. We again purchased flowers the next season, only to have the arrangement stolen from the granite vase that is built into our son's headstone.

We agree, this is a tremendous loss of social value by someone. Why and to what end would someone steal the flowers of love from a grave?

Bill and Janet Martin