Even president's powers limited

Friday, April 11, 2008

To the Editor:

Should a Martian suddenly find himself in our country and observe the media frenzy of the race for president, it seems to me that he would think that we believe that our total future depends on whomever is elected.

Probably it would appear that we believe we would have no food, no job, and would not draw another breath if our favorite candidate should not be elected.

Actually, in our wonderful government, the man/woman in the president's office has limitations on what he/she can achieve. The president can make no laws without the approval of the Congress. Certainly, the occupant of that office has great influence and has power over many people, but with the "checks and balances" built in to our government by those wise men years ago, we will keep the leadership of our land out of the reach of one man/woman.

An example of this was brought home to me recently. While we were in Florida I saw their Gov. Crist speaking on a proposal concerning taxes that he wanted the legislature to enact into law. He was out "beating the bushes" from cities to hamlets gathering support for this bill.

Watching this, I asked if that proposed bill wasn't one of his main planks in the platform that got him elected. Yes, I was told, I did remember right. He did promise that if elected he would bring this new law into operation.

After being elected, he learned, as have so many other elected officials, that he has limited ability to bring about any program without the elected representatives' approval. Only they enact laws.

Just maybe, we need to carefully select our representatives: senators, councilmen, school board members, etc. and then vote for those who best represent us and to those who have the power of making laws. They are the ones with the real ability to change our lives.

Mary H. Farley