Landfill would affect Giles Co.

Friday, April 11, 2008

To the Editor:

I wish to commend the Marshall County Tribune for their coverage of the issues regarding the proposed landfill to be located along Route 31-A south of Cornersville. I am not against the creation of landfills; however, the location of such entities ought not impose a current and/or future threat to citizens in the immediate area or the surrounding areas.

The Richland Creek flows along the proposed southern boundary of the Waste Management Landfill. As reported in the Marshall County Tribune the Richland Creek is the sole source for drinking water for the City of Pulaski. However it also must be noted that the Richland Creek is the sole source of drinking water for approximately 90 percent of all Giles County citizens.

What has not been reported is that the water treatment plant, located within the City of Pulaski, services the drinking water needs of the citizens of Pulaski but also provides the drinking water for the rest of Giles County. The City of Pulaski sells water to the various water utility districts that provide potable water to over 25,000 citizens.

I respectfully request that the Marshall County Tribune correct its reporting and note that the Richland Creek is a needed, valued and necessary natural resource not only for the City of Pulaski, but for all of Giles County.

Pierre Billard