'Ole South' location 'not locked in'

Friday, April 18, 2008

by a Franklin businessman who proposes to develop hundreds of acres on the border of Marshall and Maury counties with homes, businesses, and playgrounds for adults and children.

"As far as the location is concerned, we have our first choice of the Marshall/Maury County location, but we are not locked into that location," reports David Webb, who's proposing to develop Ole South USA theme park and related projects.

The land Webb has specified as the proposed location is in the Rally Hill area of Marshall County around Franklin Pike, US-431. Long-time Marshall County cattleman Bud Mitchell has said he's agreed to sell Webb a couple thousand acres. The purchase option was sealed with a handshake.

"We are looking at two other possible locations on the outskirts of Nashville," said Webb, a businessman whose mainstay enterprise has been a television game show aired in Vietnam.

Webb's report on Ole South USA comes as Chapel Hill Town Administrator Mike Hatten announced Monday that the town will be exploring ways to expand capacity at its water and sewage plants.

Hatten said the expansion would be needed because the town was within 300 available sewer taps and both utilities would have to be expanded if there was really going to be a big development on the scale of Dollywood.

Since Webb's previous report, Spring Hill has joined the Duck River Agency. The agency is charged with the protection of water quality and supply. It is also seen as a likely organization to be transformed into a water authority over the Duck River Watershed, which includes the area where Ole South would be developed.

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