Where does it stop?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Applause arose from about 100 people watching Marshall County's landfill negotiating team consider Waste Management's proposal last week when the company was asked what it would do for people living near its proposed site at Cornersville.

"What are we going to do for these 30 families?" Commis-sioner Don Ledford asked about residents of that many homes located within a mile of the 595 acres Waste Manage-ment proposes to buy to establish a landfill to replace the one at Cedar Ridge, west of Lewisburg.

"Obviously their property values go down," said Ledford, chairman of the county's solid waste committee.

He received a couple of answers from County Commission Chair-woman Mary Ann Neill who's employed as a real estate appraiser. Neill replied values before and after a landfill would have to be obtained.

"The difference is functional depreciation," she said. "It's pretty speculative. You have to have actual numbers."

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