Commission Oks landfill expansion

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

04-24-2007 - LEWISBURG -- Cedar Ridge Landfill in Marshall County may eventually get to use an 11-acre section of its repository for solid waste because of an 11-7 vote Monday night by county commissioners here.

The decision adds enough room for about eight years of trash deliveries, instead of about 2-1/2 years, according to officials with Waste Management Inc. who say they're pleased to be able to continue their "partnership" with the county.

Another aspect of the controversial vote opposed by residents west of Lewisburg is a deferral of Waste Management's consideration of a possible reopening of the shuttered Quail Hollow Landfill. That landfill in Bedford County still has a state permit and could be reopened if market conditions were right, company officials said last week.

Marshall County commissioners' vote does not automatically open the unused 11 acres at Cedar Ridge. The company faces a year-long process of persuading state officials that they should be granted a perit.

Among those voting against the expansion was Commissioner Larry McKnight who gave a Power Point presentation with state photos he described as showing pollution seeping from the landfill. Waste Management Vice President Glenn Youngblood said the green slime shown in the photos is algae.

Among those voting to allow the expansion was Commissioner Jimmy Stitt who said he planned to vote against expansion until he walked around the property and found that two parts o the landfill are leaking, but they're from previous operators. Those places will continue to seep pollution, Stitt said. It's better to have landfill management that is trying to do something about it, and besides, landfills are needed.