Green Kool-Aid and a cause

Friday, April 25, 2008
From left, Brittney, Kristen and Haley buy Kool-Aid from Alex, Samantha and Jessica at the park in Cornersville

Jessica and Alex Webster were doing a booming business earlier this week, selling green Kool-Aid and Rice Krispie treats at the park in Cornersville during spring break.

They were set up opposite the Tri-Counties Environmental Association's storefront in the old post office where "Stop the Landfill" yard signs and T-shirts are available.

"The kids are really talking about it," Carmela Webster, their mom, said as she kept one eye on the pair.

While they were over at their friend Samantha's house, Jessica and Alex got the idea to sell Kool-Aid and Rice Krispie treats and give the proceeds to the TCEA. They were selling Kool-Aid for 75 cents and a treat for 50 cents, and by lunchtime they had raised nearly $30. Jessica, Samantha and Alex mixed the Kool-Aid and made the Rice Krispie treats themselves.

The children have obviously been listening as their parents discussed the proposed new landfill, because Webster reports, "Their biggest concern is that they're the ones being left with it" (the effects of the landfill).

Everyone has suddenly gotten a lot more conscious of waste and its disposal, she adds.

"We're recycling at school," contributed Kristin, as she sipped Kool-Aid.