Signs throw Coke front office into a fizz

Friday, April 25, 2008
Signs like this one bearing the Coca-Cola logo have caught the attention of the soft drink giant, which says it does not endorse political issues.

Lots of things might go better with Coke, but the soft drink giant insists that doesn't include anti-landfill sentiments. Signs bearing the Coca-Cola logo and reading "Stop the Landfill!" are a misuse of the banners, a company spokeswoman said this week.

A landfill opponent reports those signs have been removed.

A photograph of one such sign was carried in the April 16 edition of the Tribune. In big bold letters the sign declares "Stop the Landfill!" It also asks the question, "What's In Your Water?" in smaller type. The sign also bears the Coca-Cola logo.

The sign caught the eye of Lewisburg Water Superintendent Larry Jones, who focused on the part about "What's in your water?" It seemed to him to be a comment on his water service.

"At a landfill sign," Jones asked, "why would anybody ask about water? This landfill isn't there. It infers to me that there's something wrong with the water."

See Friday's Tribune for the complete story.