Just 'good folks'

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Tina Singleton and Mr. Pacesetter pose with Murphy and Milrene Manning.

played host to an unusual tour group last week.

Almost 100 seniors from Arkansas, Texas and Mississippi were on a five day "Mystery Tour" when their two tour buses arrived at the farm on Franklin Pike, just north of the Berlin Store and they disembarked to find they were going to meet some horses, see a demonstration and eat a barbeque dinner accompanied by live music.

Susan Brackett, who accompanied the tour, explained that her parents founded Francis Custom Tours in Arkadelphia, Ark. about 20 years ago. The spring and fall mystery tours have been a big hit from the start. "It's one of our biggest sellers," said Robert Wayman who was also accompanying the tour. "We look for unusual things to do," explained the pair. They were on a scouting trip in January to plan the spring outing when the Chamber of Commerce in Lewisburg suggested Rising Glory Farm. After visiting the farm and seeing how beautiful it was, they contacted General Manager Chris Carlough and he took it from there.

"He was great to work with," enthused Brackett. Carlough provided straw hats for everyone to wear, engaged Russell Catering to put on a barbeque dinner, and got veterinarian Dr. Ray Hawthorne of Franklin to bring some fellow ...Pickup a copy of today's edition of the Marshall County Tribune, Wednesday, April 30 for entire store.