GOP's Ramsey: 'I'm loving it'

Wednesday, May 7, 2008
Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, left, confers with Bobby Lemmon during the annual Republican dinner Saturday in Lewisburg.

One is Tennessee's first Republican lieutenant governor in 140 years, and the other is the Democratic senator from Chicago who's running for president. But they share at least one thing in common.

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey, (R-Blountville) was in town Saturday night for the Annual Republican Dinner held at First Cumberland Presbyterian Church on Second Avenue. Barack Obama presumably was busy campaigning elsewhere.

When asked what effect a gasoline tax holiday would have on the state budget, Ramsey replied with a couple points that are remarkably similar to what Obama has said in response to his rival for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Sen. Hillary Clinton's proposal to have the oil companies pay the fuel tax instead of motorists came after Sen. John McCain suggested a gas tax holiday.

"That's one of those feel-good things that doesn't do any good," Ramsey said.

He later endorsed McCain's candidacy.

"It would devastate our road construction budget," Ramsey said of a suspension of state fuel tax collections. "It's a short-term gimmick."

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