Library memorials for April

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Martha Aldridge, God Thinks You're Wonderful, Mom! and Donation to the Book Fund; given by Mrs. Colie Hamlin.

Amos Bond, Donation to the Book Fund; given by Mrs. Clyde Jordan; Donation to the Computer Fund; given by Steve & Vicki Cain, and Edward & Lynda Potts.

Judy Brock, Gold Fish & Silver Kisses, Children's Sermons & Devotionals; given by Troy, Lisa & Eli Cross; Top 10 Qualities of a Great Leader; given by Junior Leadership Marshall Advisory Board Members.

Robert Burgess, Starting & Running Your Own Small Farm Business; given by Eddie & Kim Taylor and Family.

Edith Daniel Donation to the Book Fund; given by Tom & Judy Sumners; Luscious Creamy Desserts; given by Gloria Grogan.

Charlene H. Dean, Maintaining Your Old House VHS; given by Mid Tenn Chapter of National Assn. of Independent Fee Appraisers.

Jimmy & Charlene Dean, Stepping Off the Edge; and Horse: How the Horse Has Shaped Civilization; given by Thomas & Carol Wakefield.

Ruth Doss, Crochet Bible; given by Girls at H&S Pharmacy No. 2.

David Griffin, Donation to the Book Fund; given by Jane Tilford, Guy Chambers, Charlene Woodward, and Harold Wiggins.

Goldie Hubek, Just Who Will You Be?; given by Ed & Jan Allen.

Shirley Hunter, Ladies First; given by Lester & Barbara West.

Peggy Looney, 101 Tax Saving Ideas, 9th Ed.; given by Eddie & Kim Taylor and Family.

Suzanne Rogers Morice, An Introduction to the Art of Theatre: A Comprehensive Text -- Past, Present & Future; given by Coles County Arts Council; The Blue Star; given by Margaret McMillian; Donations to the Book Fund given by Cary & Marge Knoop, John & Phyllis Rearden, Andrew Residence, Maurice D. Shepherd; Donation of two leather roll back chairs; given by Waverly & Ted Duning &Family, W. P. Murray, Jr. & Family, and N. O. Murray & Family. Donations towards the two leather roll back chairs given by Michael & Barbara Watts, Jon & JoAnne Laible, Timothy & Rebecca Hartney, and Tom & Margaret Price. Experience, Strength, & Hope Story Collection; and a Donation to the Book Fund; given by Louis & Kathy Mayo.

Jewell Wade Rives, 50 Years From Today; given by Shirley McCollum.

Iva I. Sims, Talking Hands; and What to Do About Alice; given by Johnny & Martha Brown.

Joe B. Smith, Donations to the Book Fund given by Ken & Betty Stacey, Tom & Judy Sumners, Ron & Hazel Mathery. and Cannon & Jane Tilford.

Kathleen Williams, Cookies, Brownies & Bars; and The Toddler Cookbook; given by Emogene Spivey and Dorothy Young.


Staff of Companion Animal Hospital, Tell Me Where It Hurts, A Day of Humor, Healing & Hope in My Life as An Animal Surgeon; given by "Chipper" Allen.

Terry, James "In Honor of his 80th Birthday" Boone; given by Marshall County Memorial Library Staff.


Donation of books on tape, hardback books, magazines, paperback books, videos and DVDs were given by the following: James Lee Allen, Dawn Barron, Vickie Cain, Jennifer Winona Craig, Andrea Dearman, Delores Dinn, Penny Finley, Megan L. Gordon, Carolyn V. Johns, Don Nayes, Janice D. Norris, James Perkins, Lynda Potts, Marilyn Shetler, Jim Spires, Emogene Spivey, James Terry, Clifton C. Thompson, Wanda Thornton, Marsha Tichenor, Mary White, Daryl Winstead, and Dorothy Young.

We'd also like to thank the book sale volunteers: Linda Putman, Nancy Oliver, Delores Dinn and Chris Holmstrom.