A dumping ground for others?

Friday, May 9, 2008

To the Editor

It is humorous that our county commissioners should entertain the idea of putting "another" landfill in Marshall County.

How could another landfill possibly benefit this county? Will it create 500 new jobs? Will it increase property values? Will it attract tourism to our county? How will it greatly benefit people in Chapel Hill, Belfast, Farmington, Petersburg, Berlin?

There is absolutely no economic benefit to Marshall Countians other than to those who are selling out on their neighbors and communities. Why would we allow such beautiful countryside to be destroyed? We do not need another landfill in any part of this county. Again, how can we seriously entertain this idea?

If having a dump is so economically beneficial, then why are all these other counties that are well below Marshall County's socio-economic level going without? How do these counties possibly survive economically without a free garbage can and $10 a month garbage collection? Why would we have to raise our already high property tax to cover this issue?

With one of the highest property tax and wheel tax rates in the state, what is Waste Management doing for our county right now? If they are so beneficial let's lower these other tax rates. Where is all of our Waste Management revenue going right now?

Also, what is the rush for a new landfill to be developed? There are seven or eight more years on the current contract of Cedar Ridge. There is more than enough time to consider other alternatives. What are our alternatives or have we even considered alternatives to this issue?

I believe Marshall Countians are smart enough to accept the challenge of being creative enough to generate other ideas for revenue other than creating another landfill.

As a high school teacher and coach at Cornersville High School, I come into contact with many other people in the surrounding counties. It is a constant joke everywhere our baseball team goes that we could possibly have another dump. They laugh at us calling us the "Dump Dawgs" and laugh at our county's leadership.

There are plenty of solutions to Marshall County's trash collection other than creating a new landfill for the Southeastern United States.

A dumping ground for others? As a proud Marshall Countian I ask the commissioners not to embarrass us.

Do the right thing.

Brent Adcox