Landfill will affect everyone

Friday, May 9, 2008

To the Editor:

My husband and I were born and raised in Marshall County. We were proud of our county and the beauty of it could not be compared. The hills and the fertile land in the south of our county was known as the best farm land in the county and was so productive that it made many residents wealthy enough that they're offspring are willing to sell it off for garbage.

This landfill (dump) will not only take care of Marshall County's garbage, but all the towns and cities within a 100-mile radius. The Birmingham, Ala., area is within this radius, as are Nashville and Chattanooga. We are not willing to sacrifice our beautiful fertile land for a Tennessee dump.

What will happen to our water supply? The drinking water supply will be contaminated for human and animal consumption. Many Giles County residents depend on Richland Creek for their water. What will happen to our main source of water for many farmers' cattle, horses and our wild life?

I don't think that some of you realize or care what happens to Marshall County, but many of us do. The approval of this landfill will affect all of us. People throughout the county will be affected. Once Waste Management has its hold on this land they will do what they want.

What has happened to so many of our elected officers that they want to destroy their county? You are letting some large conglomerate convince you that this is the answer for Marshall County to make a big come back. You are wrong. It is only going to be the trash collector haven for all the counties in Tennessee and parts of Alabama and probably Kentucky. Why do you want to put this landfill on fertile land that could be developed into homes or other environmentally safe businesses?

You are going to kill the Cornersville and Chapel Hill communities and Lewisburg. If you think that the stink will not affect your city you are wrong. Marshall County will become the largest dump in Tennessee. What a legacy we are leaving for our beautiful county.

Shame on you commissioners that are trying to sell us out.

We purchased some land on the Delina Road thinking this would be an ideal investment. But I can assure you that every landowner in Marshall County, large and small, will feel the blow.

James "Wibby" and Peggy Clark