'My whole life will change'

Friday, May 9, 2008

To the Editor:

My name is Levi Henry. I live in Diana, Tenn. My grandparents live on Claude Fox Road.

Waste Management is trying to put a landfill close to their house. They have 100 acres that I have lived and played on all my life. I plan to raise cows on that land when I grow up.

My brother, sister and cousins also spend a lot of time at my grandparents'. We play in Richland Creek. We coon hunt and ride horses all over the place around where they are wanting to put this landfill. My whole life will change if that happens.

It's not just me, all the kids' futures will change if we have to grow up with this landfill. Heck, some of us might get sick from the water and not even get to grow up.

How can this be happening? Who can we trust to look out for people my age (11)? My Paw Paw said we have to speak out and tell people that a landfill is a bad idea. I am writing to ask you to tell all the people who will listen that this is a bad idea.

Help us fight to stop the landfill. I really want to be able to be a farmer on that farm.

Levi Henry