Be responsible and recycle

Friday, May 9, 2008

To the Editor:

I recently drove through your county and saw signs indicating that your community opposes a landfill in your area. I understand that sentiment.

Rutherford County is home to a landfill. Rutherford County is also home to me and my family. I am saddened to see mountains of garbage dumped anywhere, but especially near water sources. So I encourage you all to continue the fight against the landfill.

But your garbage will have to find a home and nobody will be happy to see it coming. There is something you can do.

With a stringent recycling program the amount of garbage going to a landfill in your county or in an adjacent county will be lessened. It is the least you can do to be a responsible steward of the Earth.

Everything you do matters. Seek out locations to recycle glass, plastic, aluminum cans, newspapers, magazines, steel cans and everything you can. Encourage your local government to provide convenient recycling sites or curbside pickup.

Oppose the landfill -- I understand why you don't want it. But support recycling and be responsible for lessening your own garbage.

Heather Lanier