'Dirty stinking garbage dump'

Friday, May 9, 2008

To the Editor:

I am writing in opposition to the proposed landfill south of Cornersville. I have heard it called many things already. Waste Management calls it an "environmental center." Waste Management should call it their "goose that will lay the golden eggs." I prefer to call it what it would actually be, a dirty stinking garbage dump.

I live about a mile east of the proposed dumpsite. I believe the smell would be awful. I can only imagine how awful the smell would be in August during a heat wave with stagnant air sitting over us for weeks at a time. I believe this smell would be a problem inside the house as well as outside in the yard.

Garbage stinks. Period.

I believe water pollution would be a problem. Part of Waste Management's proposal includes establishment of wetlands. By doing this they are admitting that runoff from the dumpsite would be a problem to be dealt with.

All of the runoff from the proposed dumpsite would eventually flow into Richland Creek, the main water supply for Pulaski and most of Giles County.

Waste Management claims they will prevent contamination of the water supply. However, what have they done in the past? Cedar Ridge Landfill, which Waste Management operates, continues to pollute nearby streams and wells.

The Cornersville sewage treatment plant, located about a half mile from the proposed dump, originally had an earthen pond type structure for treatment of sewage fluid. After several years of use a sinkhole opened up in the bottom of this pond, and all the fluid drained out into the water table.

This contaminated my great uncle and aunt's well, which was located across the road from the treatment plant. I am sure this failed structure was approved at one time as suitable for the purpose intended. No one can guarantee that the safeguards proposed by Waste Management to contain runoff and prevent leaks would prevent something like this from happening at a new dump site.

Waste Management is a for-profit company. This means that they will utilize all the benefits of the proposed location to their advantage.

The traffic flow on Highway 31A would increase greatly with large trucks of garbage passing through Cornersville, Lewisburg and Chapel Hill. The litter falling from these trucks would be a constant problem as well as the smell they would leave as they pass.

The garbage could come from all over Tennessee as well as from out-of-state. The closeness of I-65 would make this possible.

Another concern is the railroad that borders on one side of the proposed dump. Waste Management has not answered any questions about its use of bringing garbage to Marshall County. I believe they would use it to bring trainloads of garbage to Marshall County. People living near the railroad throughout the county would have to endure the smell of garbage passing by day and night.

Last year Waste Management closed the convenience centers without notice because of an upcoming vote on the expansion of the Cedar Ridge Landfill. Don't be fooled by their slick advertisements and promises. Their main concern is profit not benefits for Marshall County. We need to read between the lines at what they have not mentioned.

Decreased property values, noise pollution, damage to roads, and no control over the content of the garbage dumped are just a few of the issues that Waste Management has failed to give satisfactory answers about.

I believe this proposed garbage dump would affect Marshall County forever. Our children and grandchildren would have to deal with its problems and effects in the future. I believe the best way to avoid these problems is to stop the landfill before it gets started.

I am willing to pay for garbage removal to avoid the problems associated with a new garbage dump. I urge you to work and vote against the approval of this threat to our county's economy, future growth and healthy lifestyle.

Danny Wood