Robinson resigns from City Council

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lewisburg Housing Authority Executive Director Ronald Robinson on Tuesday resigned from the City Council seat to which he was appointed 28 days earlier.

While Robinson acknowledged a late April letter from the Memphis office of the U.S. Department of Housing Development indicating he couldn't hold both positions, the Franklin Avenue resident said he wasn't the only man in that position.

Councilman Michael Miller of Boliver, Tenn., works as executive director of the public housing authority there and he's finishing his fourth year in office, Robinson said.

"He says he's got a waiver, but he can't find it," Robinson said. "The last I heard, if he didn't show the waiver, they'd make him step down."

HUD's Memphis field office director wrote to Mayor Bob Phillips in a letter received April 30 saying the Housing Authority here was in violation of its funding contract. Authority Chairman Doug Alexander was then notified by HUD's public housing director in Memphis that until the violation was resolved, or a waiver granted, HUD couldn't send money to the housing office here.

"It's not against the law," Robinson said of such a dual position.

The section of HUD's Annual Consolidated Contract with Lewisburg's Housing Authority appears to be a result of a policy promulgated by HUD and more information was being sought.

"I will continue to fight HUD on this decision," Pickup a copy of May 16 edition for full coverage.