Landfill battle only beginning

Monday, May 19, 2008

The withdrawal of Waste Management from the proposed landfill site near Cornersville is a victory for the little man a victory for all mankind.

While it probably is not the end of our war, the victory of this battle should not be taken lightly. It took many, many hours of dedication on the part of numerous citizens of Marshall County and Giles County.

We worked together as one and were successful in achieving something that is not often done. We made Waste Management sit up and take notice. They noticed that our group was organized, financed, involved and most of all, dedicated.

Every heart was dedicated to a cause that is dear to them our health, safety and welfare. Our health and the health of many generations yet to come; our safety, not only our own person, but that of our children and the wildlife as well; and the welfare of the area residents so their way of life can continue as they knew it before this all started. All are major concerns that brought these folks together.

With just a little organization and direction, this dedicated group went about what they were asked to do and all their efforts came to fruition with a result that each person involved can be proud of having a part in. Everyone should savor the victory even if only for a short time.

In all probability WM is simply regrouping, looking diligently for another site in our county upon which to pounce with this horrible idea once again. Hopefully, our county commissioner will not aid them in their search this time. Much to Mr. Youngblood's dismay, Marshall County has no desire to "partner" with a company of their reputation.

If Waste Management does appear on the scene again, Tri-County Environmental Association will be waiting to man the front lines and take up the fight again. Our organization will not dismantle and go away. We will adamantly oppose any new landfill location and any attempt to expand Cedar Ridge.

Waste Management has taken advantage of our county entirely too long now and TCEA will make every effort to make them understand we just simply do not want them here in our county. Waste Management showed with their blatant disregard for human life by considering the banks of Richland Creek a suitable site for a landfill that they have no respect for anything but money.

As I sat at a red light just yesterday watching one of their trucks pass under the light and reading their "Think Green" logo on the side of that truck, this thought went through my mind: "Think Green green goo and green money. That's what Waste Management is all about."

Something good needs to come from this near disaster. Marshall County needs to dedicate itself to a more sensible solution to our solid waste problems. Several of our commissioners and citizens have dedicated many hours of hard work towards putting our county on a path to productive recycling. Kudos to them. Now they need our assistance.

As a county, we must dedicate ourselves to recycling. It's really very simple. It only takes a presence of mind to accomplish it. It takes very little effort to drop trash into trashcan "B" rather than trashcan "A". Sorting is so simple and yet it is extremely beneficial.

With the introduction of the "single stream" recycling everyone will have the opportunity to participate. We absolutely must participate. Our lives may depend on it. Now and in the future. This is one way we can all participate in the fight against Waste Management.

This way the next time we see "Think Green" we can envision a truly green field that brings joyful thoughts to mind instead of green goo oozing into a creek contaminating a valuable water supply a water supply that is becoming ever more difficult to maintain.

Kathy Fox is chairwoman of the Tri-County Environmental Association.