Serious attitude, laid-back style

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A little more than a month into his new job, Marshall County's director of schools praised his faculty and staff, reflected on national education policy and how he came to realize that it's really a very small world.

Stan Curtis' first day as schools director was April 14, a day that accommodated his trip to the Republic of Turkey through the Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program established by U.S. Sen. William Fulbright in 1946.

International travel appealed to Curtis. He wanted to visit a country where English is spoken, and return with ideas he could use in Tennessee. He did, but the trip that was available before he started his new job was to Turkey. Through his Turkish host's broken English, he learned about educational opportunities during public service projects added to the three R's.

Curtis' "small world" realization came after he discovered his son lives near the grandson of his host. Curtis' son recently graduated from the University of Northern Alabama at Florence and is living in an apartment complex where the son of Curtis' guide has a son who's attending UNA.

Curtis is the immediate past principal of Maury County's school in Hampshire, just west of Columbia. He sought the Fulbright exchange trip more than a year before the director's job opened here.

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