Officer leadfoot?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Lewisburg Police officer has been suspended with pay pending the results of an investigation being conducted by Police Chief Chuck Forbis into allegations the lawman has been speeding in his personal car.

Forbis, City Councilman Robin Minor and Police Advisory Board Chairwoman Lina Horner declined to name the officer, explaining its a "personnel" matter. City Manager Eddie Fuller said the officer wasn't named when the Advisory Board met Thursday.

"We discussed a problem that a police officer is apparently having with his off-duty driving habits," Fuller said. "Chief Forbis is looking into it."

Minor said, "There's come up an issue with an employee. We're asking the chief to give a recommendation."

Horner said, the chief "doesn't have to wait on us" to make a decision on what should be done based on his investigation. Forbis "has the authority to go to the city manager and they have the authority to do whatever they decide to do."

"We have a police officer who has been reported to be speeding," Horner said Sunday when asked about the Thursday night meeting discussion.

On Monday, Forbis said, "I'm conducting an investigation into one of the officers." The chief planned to speak with witnesses that day.

The officer "is suspended with pay, pending the outcome of the investigation," Forbis said.

The Police Advisory Board chairwoman said she had "an idea of who it is, but I would not say. I'm just trying to be fair here."