Rotary Club hears of work done in Honduras

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
The Lewisburg Rotary Club presents a check to Club Rotario de Choluteca. Pictured here, from left, are Club Rotario de Choluteca member Juan Carlos Cerrato; Ronny Strickland of the Franklin Rotary Club; Cannon Tilford of the Lewisburg Rotary Club; Club Rotario de Choluteca president Sergio Salinas and vice president Roger Mondragon.

Running water in the home is a given in America, but too many regions of the world see their populations living in such poverty that running water is nothing more than a dream.

Thanks to Rotary International, and the many Rotary Clubs across the nation including right here in Lewisburg, the dream of clean, running water is coming true for the people of Choluteca, Honduras.

Last week, representatives from the Club Rotario de Choluteca visited the Lewisburg Rotary Club with Franklin Rotary Club member Ronny Strickland to let the members here know what their club and its service is doing around the world.

Club Rotario de Choluteca President Sergio Salinas, Vice President Roger Mondragon and club member Juan Carlos Cerrato provided the Lewisburg Rotary Club members with a glimpse into the poverty facing the southern region of Honduras and the great joy being shared thanks to the work of the Rotary.

"The main reason we are here today is to say 'thank you,'" said Salinas.

Salinas explained how 268,000 people, or 74 percent of the population in southern Honduras, live without such basic needs as clean, running water and sanitation.

"Now, they have running water in their houses thanks to you," Salinas said.

The Club Rotario de Choluteca formed in 1972 and along with its Ladies Auxiliary has been working with Rotary International to help provide some of those needs and more to the people of Choluteca. They have provided well perforations, medical and dental clinics, detox and pediatric centers, water systems, reforestation campaigns and the installation of 3,000 water filtration systems made of concrete, rock and sand.

The Rotary Foundation joined an international effort from Spain, Vermont and Taiwan to build 104 houses for those affected by Hurricane Mitch in the Honduras region.

The Tennessee District 6760 of Rotary Club, the one in which the Lewisburg Rotary Club is a part along with the Franklin Rotary Club, helped to provide electrical installations in those homes as well as water systems and eco-stoves, a stove designed to use less wood and provide more heat without smoke and fume pollution.

"We are proud and grateful to do our part for this important project," said Lewisburg Rotary President Jeff Jordan.