Preacher, Chapel Hill church find they 'fit like a glove'

Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Stan Butt Jr., with his wife, Georgia, and daughters, Emma and Gracie.

By Jon David Schwartz

Special to the Tribune

In April 2000, Stan Butt Jr. and his family joined the Church of Christ in Chapel Hill as the new full-time pulpit preacher. Stan would prove to be a great minister of the Word of God, but he would quickly show us that there was much more to him than just preaching.

Stan preaches weekly on Lewisburg's local WAXO television program, "Time for Truth." He preaches the daily radio spot "Word for the Way" on both WAXO and WJJM. He also preaches Ostella Church's weekly radio show, "Moment in the Son."

Stan co-authored the book "Waves of Change" (a book teaching young people about certain Biblical truths) with his youngest brother Kyle. He has written various articles that have been published in the Gospel Advocate, and he helped write an adult Bible class series called "Power Points for 21st Century Christians."

Stan holds regular gospel meetings for various congregations each year. He is a member of the staff for the Middle Tennessee Future Minister's Camp at the Graymere Church in Columbia each June. He directs Monday school in Chapel Hill, and co-directs VBS and summer camp each year with Jon David Schwartz.

Since Stan has been in Chapel Hill, the church has also seen some exciting changes. We have continually seen the comings and goings of some great families, but have also enjoyed a growth of around 100 members.

Out of necessity, we are now about to finish our second major renovation. We began the planning stages for our latest additions to the building in 2007, and in October we began the construction. This construction will be completed in June.

With this growth, the church also saw the necessity of a full-time youth minister. In April 2005, the church welcomed its first full-time youth minister, Jon David Schwartz and his wife Amy, into the congregation.

Up to this point, every home in Chapel Hill has been visited personally by one of our members at least once.

Above all that he has seen and done, Stan is most proud of his family. Stan and Georgia, his wife of 14 years, are in the midst of raising two beautiful, God-fearing, lovely girls, Emma, 10, and Gracie, 9. We witnessed firsthand his influence and love for his girls when he had the opportunity to baptize Emma just over a year ago with tears of joy and love in his eyes.

When asked about his work at Chapel Hill he replied, "An experienced gospel preacher once told me when I was just starting out to find a place where I fit like a glove and just plan on staying there. The Lord has blessed us with a wonderful work to do here in Chapel Hill and we continue to be thankful daily for that opportunity. We love the church here and can't imagine being anywhere else.

"Surveys have shown that a minister's greatest effectiveness comes after seven years of being in the same place. We have seen some amazing things at the Church of Christ in Chapel Hill, but we really believe that the best is yet to come."