Patrolman fired for off-duty driving

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Lewisburg Police officer was fired Wednesday because his off-duty driving put the public in danger and because his responses to the city manager when asked about the most recent incident, which was witnessed by the manager.

Shannon Biggs "wondered why" motorists driving south were getting out of the way when he was driving north and passing other motorists on Cornersville Road, City Manager Eddie Fuller explained after making public records available.

Biggs, 31, was a seven-year veteran of the Police Department. His personnel file includes a 2002 commendation for participating the Cops for Kids Program.

"I expect our officers to act professionally and appropriately on and off duty," newly appointed Police Chief Chuck Forbis said. "They're held to a higher standard of conduct. They're always in the public eye and they're expected to set an example."

In addition to Biggs' driving habits, Fuller's decision to terminate the patrolman included written remarks concerning "falsehoods and untruths given to city officials" by the lawman when providing his side of the story.

After mentioning an October 2007 incident that that resulted in disciplinary action against Biggs, the city manager wrote that on March 8, "Biggs was observed again displaying very poor judgment pertaining to his off-duty driving. This incident was a more serious situation in that Biggs passed four vehicles at a high rate of speed, then endangered others in the on-coming lane of traffic.

"Three vehicles pulled to the side of the road to avoid a head-on collision with Mr. Biggs. In a written statement, Biggs stated he passed two vehicles and . . .Pick up a copy of today's edition, Friday, May 23, 2008, for full coverage.