It's about our communnity

Friday, May 23, 2008

It's about our communnity

To the Editor:

This letter is in response to an article written April 30, titled "City opens dialogue on race." There were some errors in the article. The NAACP did not just request the information during Black History Month, these requests started last year.

Quinn Brandon did say that they (the Lewisburg City Council) don't control what's put in the paper. I stated, "You do control what's printed when it's supposed to be a quote."

When you look at the percentage of the boards that African-Americans comprise, one third sounds better than one out of three. Out of all the boards named the best percentage was two out of eight. These are the type of problems that the meeting was really about. We are talking policy and procedure, the number of African-Americans employed and their positions, retention of those African-Americans, jobs being posted, etc.

Some of this got lost when Mr. Fuller (Lewisburg City Manager Eddie Fuller) wanted to name names. As I stated, we don't want to name names, it's not about any one individual, and it's about our community.

We did not intend to rehash any of the stories that keep being repeated in the paper over and over, even though they have been settled. It looks like we discussed them. We did not. Though a couple of citizens did ask a couple of questions (that weren't answered).

There were some mentioned in the paper whose names were never brought up. I don't think you have to keep repeating the stories.

I was the so-called woman in the audience who refuse to give her name. I was never asked my name. Though I am the secretary for the NAACP, I write this letter as a concerned citizen. I am tired of misquotes and repetition in the paper.

As it has been mentioned, we don't want special treatment just fair and equal treatment. Let the punishment fit the crime and let the punishment be even, the same for all races. This I feel is one of Lewisburg's main problems. It amazes me that some get dismissed and demoted for so-called not doing their jobs, while others remain.

The City Council needs to address these issues. Again, not special treatment, just what we deserve! This is my opinion.

Rochelle Alexander