Neill: County budget in black

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

As Marshall County Commissioners begin their annual budget meetings, their chairwoman has responded to concerns of a possible budget shortfall as expressed by three area mayors.

"We're in the black and intend to stay that way," Commission Chairwoman Mary Ann Neill said when asked about comments from Mayors Joe Boyd Liggett, Bob Phillips and Carl Cooper. The three had indicated they believe the county is short on money.

"I don't think we're long on it either," Neill said. "We won't know until we see the numbers from Linda Haislip," the county's property assessor who, by law, administered a reappraisal of property values a couple of years ago.

Before budgets are drafted with reliable revenue figures from property taxes, all counties' assessors are to report a dollar amount on what each penny on the tax rate will generate. Last year, that was about $45,000 in Marshall County. It's about 10 times that in nearby Rutherford County. Marshall County's School Board drafted a budget proposal using $50,000 per penny.

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