WMI urges trash safety

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The last bells of the school year are ringing, which means more children will be at home on weekdays when delivery or service vehicles come through your neighborhood.

As a local service provider in your community, Waste Management of Lewisburg asks parents to talk with their children about being safe while playing outside and to ensure they watch for the company's waste trucks from a safe distance.

"We're proud to serve our local communities, and our drivers love to see their customers while they're out on the routes, but we ask that parents and kids greet the drivers from the porch or the front yard," said Gene Day, district manager of Waste Management of Lewisburg.

"While sometimes it may appear that our trucks are stopped, they have a lot of moving parts that at any point could begin moving again. Our top priority is to provide good service in a safe manner, and our drivers frequently ask that we remind customers to stand a considerable distance away from the trucks so that everyone will be safe."

While many of our trucks, particularly those that service residential neighborhoods, are equipped with cameras to see what is behind the truck, you should not rely on this feature for the driver to be able to see you or any of your possessions. It is always safest to stay away from the truck and all of its moving parts.

Here are number of ways to be safe around our vehicles:

-- Every Waste Management truck is equipped with a back-up alarm. Whether you are walking or driving near one of our trucks, if you hear this sound (a loud beeping) or see the white back-up lights, be sure to move out of the way of the truck.

-- Keep your children and pets at a safe distance from the truck. Never get near or climb on the truck -- whether it is parked or operating. Do not play or stand in or around trash bins or cans, since you may not know when the truck is coming to empty them. On your collection day, be sure to move toys or cars out of the path of the truck and away from your collection containers.

-- Slow down and look for oncoming traffic before attempting to pass a stopped garbage truck. Remember, our drivers' "office" is the back of the truck when they are loading trash.