Sanford: has it really been 10 years?

Friday, June 6, 2008

"When I grow up, I'm never going to lose my job."

That sunny forecast came from my 4-year-old son Gideon. It reminds me of some of my own blissfully ignorant youthful notions. For instance, in the early '90s, John H. O'Neal, one of my co-workers in the data processing department at FaberCastell, offered the opinion, "We've got it made here and don't know it."

I thought he was crazy. Little did I know that the Wiedenmeyer family would soon sell out and we would become part of Newell Corporation's Sanford division.

I didn't realize we were in a golden era. Soon, through a series of terminations, retirements and departures, we would no longer be the home of Edmund Roberts, Bud Wade, Jeriel Cashion, Ken Stacey, Mac Bowden, Jim Mallory, Winston Reed, "Bear" Finley, and the like...pick up a copy of the Marshall County Tribune to read the rest.