Marshall County Little League to host Cal Ripken

Wednesday, June 11, 2008
The boys (and girls) of summer Blake Leonard, left, takes a big cut for Chapel Hill Florist during Marshall County Little League play. Clockwise, starating from upper left, Rogers Group hurler Trent Richardson rears back for the high heat; Cage Hargrove looks up for the ball after hitting a sky-high popup; First State Bank coach Tim Harber comes out to talk to Jacob Daughrity; Burlison's catcher Candace Caneer comes up ready to throw.

The Marshall County Little League, plagued by May rain-outs, will have a full slate of games next week as the regular season winds down and make-up games are added into the already loaded schedule.

There will be as many as 10 games a night being played on the fields at the Richard Cashion Complex as a June 18 deadline approaches for completion of all games. Closing ceremonies, originally scheduled for Monday, June 16, are now going to take place Thursday, June 19.

Post-season All-Star practice will begin the following week and games will commence the first week of July for many of the divisions.

The MCLL will host the eight-and-under girl's state tournament in Lewisburg, beginning July 3 and running through July 7.

For the first time, beginning on July 11, the MCLL will host the Cal Ripken Division State Tournament for 10-and-under boys at the Cashion Complex at the intersection of Spring Place Drive and Bobby Hurt Road.

The Cal Ripken Division was originally called the 'Bambino' Division until changed in 1992 to its present name. There are some differences between Little League and Cal Ripken, such as field dimensions (not for the 10 year olds), geographic selection of All-Stars, and some playing rules, including limiting pitchers to six innings in a calendar week. Pitchers must have two calendar days' rest if they pitch three or more innings in a game.

The Little League rule dictates pitchers age 11 and 12 are limited to 85 pitches in a day; pitchers aged 9 and 10 are restricted to 75 pitches in ...Pick up a copy of today's edition, Wednesday, June 11, 2008, for entire story.