Church of the move

Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Bob Rush, pastor at Mooresville Baptist Church,keeps a promise he made to the congregation. When attendance topped 150 for Easter Sunday, Rush marked the occasion by riding 'Bobby,' a mule owned by member Greg Daniels, from Lewisburg to Mooresville.

The congregation at Mooresville Baptist Church has a beautiful new building. The first service was held on Easter Sunday. While the church was being built, the church family met in a farm house belonging to Bliss Foster of Atlanta.

While there, the pastor, Bob Rush, stated that when we had 100 people in a service, he would preach from the roof of the house. This came true when we had 105 in attendance, so he climbed to the roof and spoke in a very impressive manner.

Then Brother Bob said that when MBC had 150 people in a service, he would ride a mule from Lewisburg to Mooresville. On Easter Sunday, there were 165 people in attendance. It was their vacation Bible school kickoff called "Outrigger Island." The pastor donned a Hawaiian shirt, jeans, a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and mounted a gentle mule, named "Bobby." They became friends immediately. The animal belonged to Greg Daniels, who attends the church and Greg rode his horse along side Brother Bob. Marshall County Sheriff Les Helton provided a police escort. It was a ride to remember.

Pastor Rush hasn't been quick to dare another challenge. Who knows? When there are 250 people in attendance at Mooresville Baptist Church, he may skydive. If anyone wishes to see this, they can make it happen by visiting MBC and see if this exciting event can truly come true. . . .Pick up a copy of today's edition, Wednesday, June 18, 2008, for entire story.