'Beyond imagination good!'

Wednesday, June 25, 2008
John Smiley of the Pioneers team spent two days preparing the luminaria display for this year's Relay for Life.

"It was beyond my imagination good!" exclaimed Kathi Calahan, this year's Relay for Life chair.

"I am just astonished at what our teams accomplished," Calahan said. "Last September when I announced the goal for this year ($70,000) I was very skeptical about it. But, working with goals everyday, I knew it would give us something to work toward. And the teams did work for it. We still have some contributions left to collect. Who knows, we may reach $80,000."

Calahan drove the Roberts and Lyons GM Pontiac convertible around the track at the Robin Hood Road showground to lead the survivors' lap to start the Relay Friday night. Seated on the folded convertible top, like the queen in a homecoming parade, was Sadie Gentry, the youngest survivor.

"The event itself was great," Calahan said. "We had live entertainment beginning at 6 p.m. with (Cornersville High School student) Chelsea Hastings. Then we had other bands throughout the night, including Rome County Radio, Stage 3 and Stealing Seasons.

"Five of the teams performed songs from their Broadway shows and we had team games throughout the night. The weather was perfect and the crowd was large. All in all I am thrilled with the event."

There were 22 teams participating, up from 16 last year. . . .Pick up a copy of today's edition, Wednesday, June 25, 2008, for full story and see page A8 for color photo highlights of this amazing event.