VBS & gospel meetings keep us busy

Friday, June 27, 2008


Well folks, June is about over and my next letter will end up on the Fourth of July. This is a little early but I hope every one has a safe and a happy holiday weekend.

We owe so much to our forefathers and especially to God for this great country. "On July 4, 1776, the great document, the Declaration of Independence, was signed in the city of Philadelphia. It marked the birth of this great nation which, under God, was destined for world leadership."

The Nation's Strength

I know three things must always be

To keep a nation strong and free,

One is a hearthstone bright and dear,

With busy, happy loved ones near.

One is a ready heart and hand

To love, and serve, and keep the land.

One is a worn and beaten way

To where the people go to pray.

So long as these are kept alive,

Nation and people will survive.

God keep them always, everywhere --

The home, the heart, the place of prayer.

Happy Birthday America!

It seems many events are happening this fourth week in June. Catalpa's VBS, June 23-25th, Bible School, Liberty Valley Gospel Meeting, Howell Gospel Meeting, West Fayetteville VBS. Due to our VBS we had to miss Liberty Valley's gospel meeting. Doylene and I went to Howell Sunday night. I had always attended the gospel meeting at Howell Church of Christ so I was glad to get to go Sunday night. Joel West was the speaker. Don Hudson is the regular minister at Howell. I attended Howell Church of Christ for 19 years. The Church has just finished building a fellowship hall and they had their first meal in it after services Sunday morning. Their Church is growing numerically and spiritually we are so happy to hear. Bro. Don Hudson and Rosemary are doing a good work there. I know the Church at Howell loves and appreciates them. We are looking forward to hearing Don preach in the gospel meeting at Cornersville soon. I will write more about it the next few weeks. Some from Catalpa attended VBS at Cornersville, the gospel meeting at Lone Oak, and the gospel meeting at Po-Grab. Hopefully we will have visitors from these places at our gospel meeting the 4th week in July. Ted Kell will be our speaker and Edwin Carpenter, song leader.

Last Sunday, June 15th, we were happy to have two ladies from Rockmart, Georgia worship with us. Mrs. Laura Tinwell and Mrs. Shirley Lyle had been to the Diana Singing June 13th and 14th and on their way home Sunday morning stopped by the Church at Catalpa. They had visited here last year after the Diana Singing and a few years ago also with four other couples. We appreciated them; they had known Bro. Mansel Carpenter, father of our Edwin Carpenter, and attended where he preached.

Bro. Mansel Carpenter was honored this past weekend with a Retirement Dinner. He has preached over 60 years and is 90 years old. Congratulations to a great servant of God. He has visited the Church at Catalpa several times to hear his son preach. "Like father, like son."

Tonight we had our first VBS night and it was an enjoyable time. Sixty-nine were in attendance. The VBS songs were ably led by Jared Pack. The speaker for the teenage class was Scotty Brock and Roy King spoke to the adult class. All the teachers had several students and were a nice well-behaved group of children. Cookies, chips and fruit drinks were enjoyed. Hopefully all will be back Tuesday and Wednesday nights. We appreciate all the parents who came and for Angie Taylor and family from Petersburg bringing several children from the town.

Mrs. Dot Hastings of Cane Creek Church of Christ was honored on her 80th birthday Sunday afternoon in the Church annex by her daughter, Peggy Sharp, and her grandchildren. The party was a lovely affair with delicious refreshments. Dot has been a very popular hairdresser (my very own) for over 20 years in her home on Green Street. She received 79 cards and 119 signed the register and all had memorable events of their relationship with Dot. She received several gifts even though "No Gifts" was stressed. I shared my prayer that I received on my 80th birthday and it is being answered as I'm nearing my 89th.

Congratulations to Don and Emily Ramey of Hazel Green, Alabama, June 25th. Bro. Don has preached in many gospel meetings in Marshall and nearby counties. I think he has preached in about seven at Catalpa. He and Emily worked with the Farmington Church of Christ several years. We all love and appreciate Don and Emily and regret to hear he suffered a stroke recently, but he is doing well except for some speech problems and is taking therapy. Our prayers are with them to have more happy years together and for their health to be reasonably well.

Happy Birthday to Karen Fulcher. Her special day is June 27th. She is a lovely lady and a great help in lots of Petersburg's activities. She heads up our 2nd Saturday night singing at the Town Hall in Petersburg and is loved for her good work there. We remember with love her late husband.

Don't forget the 2nd Saturday night, July 12th, will be Pickin' and Grinnin' night. I'll repeat it a few times.

I was disappointed last week in my news about "Old Glory Day" on the square. I had written "the" Petersburg Pickers did a great job. The paper had "two" Petersburg Pickers. I'm sure there were 10 pickers up there doing a lot of good picking and singing. Sorry about that, Pickers please forgive the horrid mistake. I love them all!

Sunday morning we all rejoiced that our Landry Murdock obeyed the Lord in baptism. Landry is a fine boy and we all love him. Our prayers are with him and thanks to him for making this great decision. We were all thankful that Teri Lyn Pack asked for prayers of the Church. She has had to miss many Sundays due to illness and this week she will undergo surgery again. May the Lord help the surgery to be successful and she will have a better quality of life. She has a wonderful family and our prayers are for all of them during her illness.

Jared Pack spoke at the Sunday evening services and then showed films of his and his mother's, Melonie Pack, work recently in Nigeria, along with 10 other members of Walter Hill Church of Christ. We all enjoyed Jared, he did a great job showing on the projector the work they did in Nigeria. We are all so proud of Jared and love to hear him preach, he does a great job. He is doing a great job leading the songs for the children at VBS. We appreciate him so much.

I hope to be back sometime over the July 4th weekend.

Chili Cheese Dogs

4 wieners

1 cup chili

4 wiener buns, split

1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Place wieners in medium saucepan, cover with water. Simmer 5 to 10 minutes until thoroughly heated. Heat chili. Place wieners on split buns. Top each wiener with 1/4 cup of the chili and 1 tablespoon of the cheese. Serve immediately. (Note: I use my Pool Room Slaw on the hotdogs instead of chili lots of times).

Apple Carrot Salad

3 medium apples, diced

2 carrots grated

1/2 cup pecans, chopped

1/2 cup mayonnaise

3 tablespoons sugar

1/3 cup rasins

Combine apples, carrots, and nuts. Mix in sugar and mayonnaise. Add raisins. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

I am so glad to hear the fruit orchards are good this year. The early June apples are plentiful. I like to make the old fashioned "Spread Apple Pie" like our mothers used to make.

I make biscuit dough and roll it out thin to the size of my baking platter I plan to use. Bake at 400 degrees until brown, remove from oven and split it. Lay one on a platter, cover it with butter and sugar, place cooked apples on top, sprinkle well with sugar and butter. Place the other crust on top of apples and repeat as for the first one. Keep the spread pie warm so the apples, butter and sugar will be real tasty. You may sprinkle a little cinnamon on the apples (optional).

Cooked June Apples

I cook 7 or 8 medium apples, peeled and sliced in about 4 tablespoons water over medium heat until about like applesauce, have ready to spoon over the two crusts adding 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 stick of butter to each. The June Apples cook real quick; stir to keep from sticking.

The fresh peaches are delicious or desserts, cakes and to eat raw (yum, yum).

Peach Dessert

1 can Eagle brand milk

1/2 pint Cool Whip

3 cups ripe fresh peaches, diced

1/2 cup lemon juice or lemon concentrate

1 small package vanilla wafers

Line dish with vanilla wafers. Mix milk and lemon juice and pour over wafers. Cover with peaches and top with Cool Whip.

We hope to go to the Blackberry Festival, Saturday, June 28. It will be a fun day and we will enjoy blackberry pie. Be sure to read "Straight from the Tracks of Lynnville' by Bobby Hollis about the great festival.