Happy 4th of July holiday to all

Friday, July 4, 2008

I wrote last week about July 4th so I won't repeat it this week except to repeat Happy 4th of July to everyone and I hope we all have an enjoyable weekend and a safe one. This column won't come out until Saturday July 5th. Be sure to pick up a paper Wednesday as I'm sure it will be telling all about the "doings" in Lewisburg, baby contests, Miss Marshall County pageant, Citizen of the Year Award, Fireworks at night. Read all about it and then enjoy going and taking part in all the activities.

We are needing rain. The corn, yards, gardens are all beginning to need a good rain. Our prayers will be for this summer not be as dry as last summer.

The headline for last week's column was "VBS and gospel meetings keep us busy." That was true. Our Vacation Bible School was last Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. We had beautiful weather and a good crowd each night. Thanks to all our visitors. Angie Taylor and family of Petersburg brought a large crowd of children each night, Alice Pack brought a car full of her neighbor children, then Tony Williams brought several. Monday night we had 69; Tuesday night 87 and Wednesday night 80. We appreciated several of the sister congregations being represented each night. Jared Pack did a great job directing the VBS Bible songs. Our visiting speakers all had a fine lesson for the adults. Monday night, Ray King; Tuesday night, Jared Pack; and Wednesday night, Marty Lowe.

It was a good VBS considering several churches having events the same week. Howell had a gospel meeting, Liberty Valley a gospel meeting, Church Street VBS and West Fayetteville VBS. Thanks to all who supported our VBS at Catalpa. A fine group of children attended and the teachers did excellent works with them. Those who taught the children are to be commended and will receive a blessing from the Lord: Sheila Upchurch, Angie Taylor, Melissa Williams, Joan Smith, Doylene Hastings, Tony Williams and Larry Smith taught each night. Jeff Pack helped with the numbers present each night.

This was our tenth VBS at Catalpa and our love and appreciation goes out to all who helped make it a great success.

The second week in July, from the 13th to the 17th, the Cornersville Church of Christ invites everyone to a gospel meeting. Sunday services will be 9:30 and 10:30 with lunch following in their beautiful annex. Sunday night the times will be 7:30 and Monday thru Thursday night the time will be at 7 p.m. The speaker will be Don Hudson and song leader Billy Pigg. We are looking forward to hearing Don. He is a fine preacher and will be bringing fine lessons.

The fourth Sunday in July starts our gospel meeting here at Catalpa, July 27-31, with Ted Kell as the speaker and Edwin Carpenter, song leader. I will keep repeating this lest we forget.

The Second Sunday Monthly Singing will be hosted by Chapel Hill Church of Christ. Everyone is invited to attend.

The second Saturday night will be Pickin'n'Grinnin' night at the town hall in Petersburg from 5 to 9 p.m. Food will be spread on the table in the kitchen for everyone to enjoy around 7 p.m. All pickers or makers of music and all grinners are urged to come for an evening of entertainment.

Saturday, June 28, was a fun day for all who went to the Blackberry Festival at Lynnville. Many vendors were there selling their wares. All the business places were open and there was live entertainment all day. Beautiful weather was enjoyed. We were there from 9 a.m. to after 1 p.m. The dinner of beans, poke sallet and the famous blackberry pie was enjoyed by many people. I was glad to see my good friend Bobby Hollis, writer of Straight From the Tracks of Lynnville.

We enjoyed going through the nice antiques building. I especially was glad to meet Mr. Larry Beasley. Several booths were set up in the antique shop and one I was really glad to see there was Steve Robinson of Cornersville. He is also a good antique dealer at Apple Village in Lewisburg.

Mr. Beasley promised to come to see me on a Wednesday in Collector's Closet at Belfast. I will be looking for him along with his wife. He is a good antique dealer in Lynnville and I am glad we got to look through his booth, No. 22.

The Collectors' Closet is full and running over with all kinds of interesting things, nice furniture and some to be restored in the old shop next door to Tate's old store. Open Wednesday thru Saturday, 10 to 5.

We are still having sickness among our church members at Catalpa but are thankful that some are feeling better.

Terri Pack is in Crestwood Hospital in Huntsville following surgery on her kidneys Thursday. Our prayers are for the surgery to be successful.

Juanita Pack is scheduled soon for back surgery. Our prayers will be with her.

Mrs. Willis Chapman, mother of Willene Foster, is in poor health at her home in Lewisburg and Nicky and Willene are staying with her. We really miss Nicky and Willene and their little granddaughter at church.

We are thankful Gary Douglas is better and back in services at church. We were glad to have several children come Sunday morning with Tony and Melissa Williams; Alice Pack has been bringing some of her neighbor's children. We are happy to have them.

Jared Pack will preach for us both services Sunday in the absence of Bro. Carpenter, who has asked to be off to attend a family reunion. Also, to honor his dad, Bro. Mansel Carpenter on his over 60 years of preaching. He is 90 years of age.

The 1978 graduating class of Petersburg Elementary are planning a 30th reunion on August 30th at 1p.m. at the Morgan School Pavilion. All former members of this class are asked to contact Sheila Pack Upchurch, 1883 Wartrace Pike, Shelbyville, TN 37160 and provide a mailing address so that she can get your invitation to you. You can also call her at 931-685-1465 or email her at petelereunion@yahoo.com with your info.

I will close now with the recipes. With squash and zucchini and cucumbers all coming in, we are enjoying the recipes.

Refrigerator Pickles (Doylene's favorite)

7 cups cucumbers, sliced

1 cup onions, sliced

1 green pepper, sliced finely

21/2 cups sugar

11/2 cups vinegar

11/2 tablespoons salt

1 tsp. celery seed

Combine cucumbers, onions, and green peppers in a bowl. Add sugar, vinegar, salt and celery seed; mix well. Cover and store in refrigerator. Wait 24 hours before enjoying. The Tupperware pickle jars will be okay. They will keep all summer. ...Pick up a copy of today's edition, Friday, July 2, 2008, for entire column.