Autom paid in full for business park land

Monday, July 14, 2008

Autom, the Phoenix, Ariz.-based religious supply business that's moving operations to Lewisburg, has acquired another candle-maker, according to discussion Monday in City Hall.

Last month, it was announced that in January, The Autom Co. became the majority owner of Will & Baumer candle makers who've been located in Syracuse, N.Y., for more than 150 years.

Since January, The Autom Co. acquired Candle Perfections of Phoenix, a much smaller candle company that makes candles in a different way than Will & Baumer, said Monte Mertens, director of operations for Autom.

Candle making won't be moved to Lewisburg until January of 2010, Mertens said.

Lewisburg Industrial Development Board Attorney Bob Binkley raised the subject of another candle maker during the IDB's monthly meeting, adding that the owners of The Autom Co. "would like to start construction of that building (for Will & Baumer operations) in August."

No statements were heard regarding employment prospects at the business -- beyond previous announcements that indicated dozens of jobs may be available several months from now.

The Autom Co. is planning to move its telephon....Pick up a copy of Friday, July 11, 2008 edition for full story.