County tax rate hike may be 25

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Marshall County's Budget Committee is considering a 25-cent property tax rate hike to pay debt and, while a significant part of it is for schools, it doesn't cover increased operating costs.

Such a rate hike would more than double the amount of money dedicated from property tax revenue to repay money borrowed for computers, related technology, construction of additions and structures.

Meanwhile, ideas on how to reduce spending have been ordered, or are being debated.

* One is Sheriff Les Helton's directive to road deputies to refrain from traveling at speeds greater than 55 mph, when possible. To further reduce fuel consumption, they're to cut off their patrol car engines when stopped, instead of leaving them running for quick starts.

* Another is centralizing an emergency dispatch system for law enforcement, ambulances and fire departments, according to comments among commissioners last week. The problem is that it might take 18 months to get such a system in place.

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