Downtown Alliance tops board's discussion

Friday, August 1, 2008

Lewisburg's Community Development Board met on its usual day, the last Tuesday of the month.

First up for discussion was the Downtown Alliance, which has met twice under the leadership of Michelle Williams. Mayor Bob Phillips said, "It seems slow, but Michelle is leading us toward a Main Street-type program that will put us in a good position to receive grants."

Ron Maggi, who is currently renovating a property on the south side of the square, added, "The Downtown Alliance is a definite step forward -- a major movement -- I see it doing a lot of great things."

Since the next meeting of the Alliance will be selecting by-laws for the group, Chairman Edmund Roberts said he would be sure to get Williams' sample by-laws distributed to interested parties who were not at the last meeting.

Attention then turned to Mike Wiles, Executive Director of the Joint Economic and Community Development Board.

He reported on an amendment to Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 56-7-2203(24) recently passed by the General Assembly.

This amendment provides that small employers, i.e. "any person that during the preceding year employed no less than two and no more than 50 eligible employees" may join together as a health group cooperative, for the purpose of obtaining health insurance.

The cooperative must contain at least 1,000 eligible employees or have at least 10 participating employers.

This is very beneficial for small businesses to help them cut their costs and get better insurance rates for their employees.

Wiles reported that the state wants read the rest pick up a copy of the Marshall County Tribune.