School Board OKs differentiated pay

Friday, October 3, 2008

The School Board held a special called meeting on Monday to approve a pay plan proposal that had to be delivered to the Tennessee Department of Education on Wednesday.

The plan affects only a few teachers, and may be modified when teachers' work contracts are finalized in the up-coming labor contract negotiations between the Board and the Marshall County Education Association.

"In reality, we have to submit it, but we don't have to fund it," said Dr. Stan Curtis, director of schools, who was at the Board meeting to assist the board with their deliberations on the so-called differentiated pay plan.

The proposal grants a $4,000 one-time bonus to any teacher who obtains national board certification. It also promises a $3,000 tuition reimbursement per fiscal year to be paid to any teacher obtaining an add-on endorsement in high school math or science, foreign language, special education, English language learners, or guidance. To obtain the tuition reimbursement, a teacher must agree to stay with Marshall County Schools for four years after getting the add-on endorsement, or repay the money.

"Several" teachers might be eligible for the differentiated pay, Curtis said, but he could not specify the number. "Very few" in the whole state have national certification, and the add-on endorsements take at least two years to achieve, he said.

Curtis suggested the Board pass the proposal as he wrote it, and leave the fine points for discussion during teacher contract negotiations. The board unanimously agreed to do so.