Grand jury issues short list

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Seven people were indicted by the Marshal County Grand Jury on charges including theft, drug dealing and repeated violations of motor vehicle laws.

"We had a relatively small number of cases to present" District Attorney Chuck Crawford said a few hours after indictments were presented to Judge Robert Crigler.

"It's good because we had first degree murder indictments in Bedford and Lincoln counties," Crawford said of cases including Edward McGee and Keith Lane.

McGee has served more than 40 years for murdering one Bedford County girl. He's now charged with the 1966 death of the other victim's cousin. The girls were age 8 and 9. Lane is charged in a case that's become known as the "Lady in the Well" because of where his ex-wife was found in Lincoln County.

Without such major felony indictments here, Crawford summarized Marshall's cases as "a couple of drug cases, auto burglary and an HMVO case," the latter being a petition to the court that a driver be declared a habitual motor vehicle (laws) offender.

Defendants who are indicted remain innocent until proven guilty. That's established by a judge, jury or the defendant's plea of guilty. The defendants indicted on Wednesday include the following people.

Sidney Pigg, 46,925 Verona Ave., two counts of theft.

William McKnight, 18, 2432 Old Columbia Road, two counts of auto burglary and two counts of theft.

Robert Hodge, 31, 1101 Silver Creek Road, forgery and criminal simulation.

Marcus Canty, 8, 904 E. Valley Drive, five counts of drug dealing charges for alleged sale, delivery, possession with intent to sell and/or deliver, and conspiracy toward an allegedly illegal drug deal.

Ronald Blodgett, 44, Columbia, who's accused of being a habitual offender of motor vehicle laws.

Joe Armstrong, 49, 1580 White Drive, evading arrest and driving while his license is suspended.

James Allen, 43, 404 Greenwood Circle, sale and delivery of illegal drugs.