First-time voter wants to attend Naval Academy

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Lewisburg woman was scheduled for an interview at U.S. Sen. Bob Corker's office in Nashville today because of her request for an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy.

So, it was a memorable day Tuesday when she cast her presidential ballot for one of the Academy's most famous graduates. However, the Naval Academy was not the first reason given by Margaret Nash on why she voted for Sen. John McCain over President-elect Barack Obama.

"I voted for McCain because I don't want Obama," Nash said of her preference.

Nash and her mother, Tamyra Nash, wife of Dr. Tim Nash, said that she would be in Nashville today visiting Sen. Corker's office for an interview as she's applied for an appointment to the academy in Annapolis, Md.

The Cornersville Highway resident was appointed last year by U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon, but the 6th District Democrat's selection was over-ruled by policies at the Academy that favor admission of another appointee who has a brother who went to the academy.

As a result, Margaret Nash reapplied and has since become old enough to vote.

Other reasons substantiating Nash's first decision in the voting booth include her opposition to "redistribution of wealth" and her advocacy of life: "I'm not pro-abortion."

Furthermore, the 19-year-old woman says, "I feel like we should stay in Iraq until the job is done. Leaving it half way done would probably be a big mistake."

And then she says, "And McCain's also a Navy pilot."

Nash wants to be one, too.

She's an aerospace major at Middle Tennessee State University.

At school, Nash says she and her roommate have had some serious talks as their views clash on national issues.

"I'm pro-death penalty and that's another reason I'm against Obama," she said.

Her roommate sees a pro-life position against abortion as contrary to a position in favor of the death penalty, Nash says, explaining why it's not: "I think the government should leave us alone until somebody has been harmed. A baby is helpless."

As far as she's concerned, life begins at conception, "because that's the only thing that has the potential of becoming a human being. Killing it is murder."

And, yes, she felt as though she was restricted in her choices. She'd prefer that President Bush be re-elected, but recognizes that there's a term limit on the presidency.

While Margaret Nash holds such views, she acknowledges Obama's appeal.

"Obama looks more like a president," she said. "He carries himself well and he speaks really well and he's younger. He's attractive in so many ways. If you saw Obama next to McCain, I'd pick Obama.

"If you don't think about the issues and just watch them speak, then Obama looks like the best candidate," she said.