Tactic can help you get bluegill

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cooler weather combined with water temperatures dropping will end most anglers fishing season but a change in fishing techniques can lead to a productive day of fishing on New Lake.

Colder water temperatures send bluegill deep off points and drop-offs. One tactic found to be very effective is casting a small pop-eye jig and float. Fishing depths vary from 5 to 10 feet deep. Tipping the jig with meal worms, wax worms, or Berkley Powerbait Nibbles can greatly improve catch rates of bluegill. Oftentimes, crappie will be caught as well using this deep water tactic.

Meal worms and red worms fished deep in the right locations can produce some nice catches and make a very enjoyable day on the lake. A number 4 or 6 hook with a light sinker is the most effective way to fish deep water bluegill.

New Lake produces very large bluegill and some have been weighed in above a pound and measure over ten inches. The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has an Angler Recognition Program of numerous fish species. Bluegill must measure over 10" inches to qualify for a Trophy Fish Certificate. More information about the Tennessee Angler Recognition Program can be found in the 2008 Tennessee Fishing Guide.

If you catch a fish that you believe would qualify for the certificate stop by the Small Waters Bait and Tackle Shop to have your fish weighed and measured. Trophy Fish Applications are also available and a photo can be taken to validate the catch. Several fish species caught from New Lake have already qualified for the certificate.

Try a day of fishing on New Lake and enjoy the outdoors. You might be surprised by changing your technique at what you can catch. Just ask Mike and Jordan Rosenbalm about deep water bluegill action on New Lake.

Stop by Small Waters Bait and Tackle Shop located by the boat ramp at New Lake for more information on good area's to catch deep water bluegill.