Young students offer turkey dinner recipes

Wednesday, November 26, 2008
Marshall Elementary School students enjoy a school lunch, but odds are they'll enjoy their Thanksgiving dinner even more.

Turkey and dressing is the quintessential centerpiece of Thanksgiving dinners and students at a couple of Marshall County schools have definite ideas on how to prepare this most American meal.

"Go to the barn and get a turkey," was how to start the preparations, according to one student while another said, "We buy the turkey at the store." And they have opinions on cooking: "It's disgusting because she sticks her hand in the ... turkey..."

Dozens of recipes were made available to the Marshall County Tribune by students and teachers at Westhills and Marshall Elementary schools where our country cousins and the town's boys and girls proved once again that a child's view of the world is a positive reflection on our community.

It's not hard to find good advice for Thanksgiving: "Bring people over to the house. Have fun. Cook the turkey in the stove." Tamia Davis at MES.

Detailed recommendations came from Jordon at Gretchen Curley's kindergarten class at MES: "First you would go to the barn and get a turkey. Clean the turkey. Turn the stove on. You will need a really big pot to put your turkey in. The turkey will go to sleep. Mix the turkey with a little chicken. Also a splash of lemonade, blueberry Kool-Aid, and put in the oven at 29 degrees and let it cook for 39 hours. When turkey is done cut it in half then in little pieces. Serves a happy family on Thanksgiving."

Mia Vasquez has a clear idea of her responsibilities: "First I will set the table with my mom. Put every fork on the table getting ready for everyone to come. I will start cooking. Finished with cooking, we will clean up."

Pay attention to the children's good advice: Alfonso Santaolaya reminds us: "First take off the feathers," and Elizabeth says, "Let it cool off!"

Here are some other menus from Curley's kindergarten.

Jordy: I want turkey with butter and gravy with mushrooms. Broccoli and cheese. I want corn on the cob with lots of butter. Apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

Mason: Turkey, deviled eggs, green beans, hashbrown casserole, cheese bread, and chess pie.

Stephanie: Turkey with yellow corn, green beans, and pineapple juice.

When we asked some Marshall County school children about the Thanksgiving meal and how to cook a turkey we found out that some children don't know. As Dusty Goodman says, "Granny cooks the turkey and her don't let us in the kitchen. The rule was "don't go in the kitchen.'"

Some families don't cook turkey. Yasmin and Monserat both said, "We don't cook a turkey; we buy the turkey at the store."

Other children had very definite ideas. Amy Gillespie's Westhills kindergarten class listed a variety of ways to prepare a turkey.

1. Javion - Put spices and seeds in it and put it on the stove for one hour. 2. Mason - Roast it in the oven for 40 minutes and that's it. 3. Talasia - Put oil on it and cook it in the oven for eight minutes. 4. Dylan - You go find one at the farm, kill it, put it in the oven, cook it, and then eat it. 5. Jaamil - Put bananas in the turkey and grill it. 6. Kaamil - Put a turkey in the oven and put sauce on it. 7. Adam- Put ketchup, mustard, and salt on it and put it in the oven. 8. Ryleigh - Put ketchup on it, cook it in the oven, fire it on the grill, and put onions on it, too. 9. Zachary - Put it in the grill and oven. You ummm...cut in half and take the skin and bones off to eat it. 10. Jaida - Put the turkey in an oven and on the grill. Cook it and put sauce on it. 11. Blaze - Go to the store buy a turkey. Put corn, ketchup, and mustard in the turkey. You cook the turkey with a fork. 12. Trenten - Kill it, take the legs off then put it in the oven. Then my uncle cuts it up in small pieces. 13. Ashton - Buy it at the store. Ya' grill it on the fire, put vinegar on it and some oil and you take it out and eat it. 14. Zoe - Put it in the microwave and take it out and eat it. And it will be so hot that you scream ahhhh! Then you can put a doggie bone in it and kiss it. 15. Laken - You put ketchup on it and you put it on a plate. You put it in the oven and cook it for ten minutes. 16. Karlye - Get a turkey at the farm and you clean it. Cook it in the oven for an hour.

Misti Warren's second grade class at Chapel Hill Elementary School broke up into groups to decide how to cook the turkey.

Group 1 - Jake Abrigo, Halley Crutcher, Lakota Forrest, Curtis Lance, Wesley McCoy, Bailey Neal, and Cassidy Scales - said, "First, you need a turkey. You also need vegetables, cooking oil, and barbeque. You will need about 30 minutes. The oven time should be 350 degrees. Put the turkey in the oven and put lemon juice and apples over the turkey. Boil afterward for 5 minutes."

Group 2 - Noah Bell, Brett Burnham, Lauren Gillespie, Justin Leonard, Kailey McReynolds, and Sierrah Riley - made a list. 1. Put it on a dish. 2. Cook it for one hour. 3. Put dressing on it. 4. Put a temperature gauge in it to see if it's done. 5. Put butter on it. 6. Cut it. 7. Eat it.

Group 3 - Samuel Ford, Tyler Johnson, Laura Beth Mayes, Kyle Vickers, Elizabeth Villazon, and Dylan Walls - had a shorter list. 1. Cook the turkey for half an hour. 2. Cut it equally. 3. Put topping on the turkey. 4. Dig in!

Elaine Cagle's First Grade at Marshall Elementary School had some other ideas.

Max Tally - Put cheddar cheese inside the turkey that you get from the forest. Put some grape berries around the turkey. Put it on a pan and then put it in the oven for six minutes at 60 degrees.

Jordan Taylor - This is how my aunt does it. It's disgusting because she sticks her hand in the butt of the turkey she buys from Wal-Mart. She takes the gizzards out. She deep-fries it in a big pan in the oven for 20 minutes.

Ethan Spoon - First you gotta kill the turkey. And then, if you don't have the groceries, you go to the store. Put the turkey in the oven for 15 minutes at 50 degrees and then you take it out and put it on the table with a plate under it. Put salt and pepper on it.

Jordyn Griffis - Kill the turkey. Take it home. Get all the feathers off of it. Put it in the pan. Then cook it for 10 seconds in a not very hot oven.

Courtney Agnew - Wash off the turkey with water. Put pepper on it. Salt on it too. Put hot sauce (spicy) on the turkey. Cook for five minutes in a HOT! Oven.

Riqkyous Summers - Shoot turkey and then you weigh it. Sometimes you put pepper on it. You put turkey on a big old thing that's flat and them put it in the oven. Cook for 10 minutes or 10 seconds - longer if it is fat - at 10 degrees.

Ashley Dockery - Put cream and flour on the turkey. You put turkey in the oven for 10 minutes at 40 degrees.

Aftan Jones - Put the turkey on a big, big, black pan. Put eggs, pepper and salt in a little bowl and mix with a big spoon about 10 times. Pour on the turkey in the big pan. Then put in oven for 10 minutes at 11 degrees. Add a pinch more of pepper. Mix it up again, around the turkey. Put sloshes of egg on the turkey.

Carlee Gevedon - Put turkey in a big pot. Stir in the flour, pepper, crackers with the turkey and put in the refrigerator to cool off. At Thanksgiving put pot on the stove to get it a little warm. Cook for seven hours with the oven a little bit hot but not burned.

Harley Maddox - Put turkey in a pan you cook in. Put some hot sauce on it. Put it in the hot, hot, hot oven for 10 hours.

Javannah DeWalt - Put turkey in pan - a tall pan. We go to sleep and the turkey cooks for two minutes.

Gretchen Curley's kindergarten class at MES contributed other thanksgiving recipes.

Jeffery: Pumpkin Pie - Get one round pumpkin. Cut it open and put it in the bowl. Then add your flour, milk and sugar. Then stir it. Bake in the oven. Cook for 20 minutes. Take out and put sugar on it. Then put white frosting on it.

Jayla: Pumpkin Pie - Punkins, white eggs, white milk, punkin spices, pie pan, whip cream.

Nathan: Mashed Potatoes - Butter, water, and put in the microwave. I love turkey. Put the turkey in the oven.

Kamie: Pie - Mash strawberries. Put in the pan. Put bread on top. Cook in the oven.

Colton: Chocolate Cake - Mix syrup, water, mustard, ketchup and eggs.

Tay: Chicken and Dumplings - Chicken, sweet potatoes, salt, water, noodles, and grease.