Recycling grows with new location for bins

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Marshall County residents seem to be going green, according to their growing use of recycling bins located behind the Walgreen Drug Store at the Nashville Highway and Ellington Parkway.

Two bins for recyclable materials such as plastic, paper and metal were placed at that location over the Thanksgiving weekend and Tuesday morning Marshall County Solid Waste Director Morgan Thomas said there was more than he expected.

"They were both almost all full," Thomas said. "I expected to have one and a half."

Normally, one recycling bin is emptied on Fridays and replaced with an empty bin on Monday, Thomas said. With a long holiday weekend, two bins were placed behind the pharmacy on Wednesday.

"Typically we pull it on Friday and then it's full," he explained. "The bin is replaced and then it's usually full Monday.

"We saw some more recycling from the holidays, but it might have been because there were more days for the two bins," Thomas said.

The same schedule and doubling of bins will be done for the long Christmas and New Year's holiday weekends, he said.

Making a direct point quickly, the solid waste director said, "The holiday season is the most wasteful time of the year." There's more food served. Gift wrappings, packaging, boxes, and other discardables also seem to be everywhere.

"Thanksgiving through Jan. 1 is when people put out the most garbage," he said, encouraging residents to recognize that some of it is recyclable.

Meanwhile, a committee formed by Lewisburg's City Council with volunteers and help from the county briefly met Monday and continues to iron out details for the expansion of the curbside recycling program that started last spring in the southwest quadrant of the city.

"We're probably looking at a spring date for pickup city-wide," Thomas said.

The curbside recycling service allows residents to place all of their recyclable in a cart provided by the city. It's a "single-stream" service that has recyclables hauled to a company in Nashville where plastic, paper and metal are separated. No glass is collected for recycling.

"With the single-stream recycling system, you can put all the gift wrapping, gift bags, shredded paper and tissues in the cart," Thomas said.

"Make it your New Year's resolution to start recycling now," he said.

Recycling is available at county convenience centers as well as the bins behind Walgreen Drug Store.