DUI suspect: 'I'm more messed up than her'

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A Lewisburg woman and her friend were arrested early Saturday morning, one charged with driving under the influence, and the other with allowing DUI.

"'I am more messed up than her,'" is what the Lewisburg Police officer wrote in his report, quoting the passenger on why he let someone drive his car.

"While on patrol I observed a black 2003 Chevy Impala traveling on Highway 50 at a high rate of speed," Officer Seth Feinson reported. "I turned around and followed the vehicle from Highway 50 onto West Ellington Parkway."

The officer noticed the Impala was tailgating a vehicle in front of the Impala and so for that reason Feinson stopped the Impala at Little Tykes Daycare Center, his incident report states.

Margaret Danielle Roell, 18, of Franklin Ave., was driving the Impala, Feinson's report states.

"While I spoke with her, she had very slurred speech and did not know where she was heading," Feinson wrote. "I asked Margaret if she has been drinking this evening and her response was, 'No, I have been taking Soma pills tonight.'"

Feinson administered field sobriety tests and his report indicates that Roell failed them all. After being arrested for DUI, Roell refused to submit to a test to determine the alcohol or drug content in her system, so Feinson also charged her with violation of the implied consent law.

Feinson's report describes the passenger of the car, Steven Joseph Turner, 21, of Belfast Avenue, as also "very" intoxicated.

"Steven advised me that the vehicle belonged to him and that they had been partying all night," the report states. "I asked Steven why Margaret was driving and his response was 'I am more messed up than her.'

"I charged Steven with DUI allowance since he is the owner of the vehicle," Feinson wrote. "Both parties were transported to Marshall County Jail."

Lewisburg Police had also been in contact with Roell at about 5 p.m. Friday, Nov. 21. Officer John Christmas was called to her Franklin Avenue address in reference to a domestic disturbance. Roell told Christmas she and her boyfriend, Alexander W. Harris, 19, of Limestone Avenue, got into an argument because "another female was texting Alexander's phone," according to Christmas' report. The confrontation escalated into hitting and pushing when Roell wouldn't return the phone and later threw some of Harris's clothes out into the yard.

"Upon my arrival," Christmas' report continues, "Alexander was gone but did call Roell's cell phone making verbal threats toward her. Alexander was located on Crick Street and denied assaulting Roell."

Harris was arrested and charged with simple domestic assault.

"Alexander did have a scratch on the left side of his face," Christmas reported, adding, "Roell did have visible marks on her face and neck."