TDOT to widen Highway 373

Friday, December 5, 2008

Access to the new Business Park and the town of Lewisburg from Interstate 65 will be improved by the Tennessee Department of Transportation's plan to widen Mooresville Highway.

According an e-mail from TDOT spokeswoman B. J. Doughty, "the SR-373 Project is 3.893 miles long and extends from I-65 to east of SR-417 (West Ellington Parkway). The main section of the highway will be 4 lanes, not divided with a median, within a minimum 150-foot right of way."

Additionally, she states, "the project does extend 600 to 700 feet on the west side of I -65 and affects 4 pieces of property on that side. There are currently no plans to widen beyond this point."

Bids have not yet been tendered, and Doughty states, "We expect to let this project to construction in the spring or summer of 2009."

She estimates that the widening will take two years to complete and notes that "the successful bidder will have a completion time in his bid."

TDOT confirms that all of the Right of Way acquisition has been completed.

The gas station/market at Exit 32 is now closed, and Doughty explains, "The project acquired all of the gas pumps and the underground fuel delivery system, and left no room for replacement as the new Right of Way is only a few feet from one side of the building. Most of the parking area was also taken."