MCHS bowling team falls

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Tigers/Tigerettes hosted the Lawrenceburg Wildcats on Thursday, Dec. 4.

The Tigerettes went into the match without a loss but didn't emerge that way...they lost to the Lady Wildcats 20-7. The Tigers also lost 17-10.

The Tigerettes split the first match 3-3, with Ashley Hunt (146), Lindsey Fagan (136) and Danielle Toseland (153) winning their points. The second game was tougher with only Ashley (164) and Danielle (154) winning their points. Third game, Lindsey (147) and Shelby Piearce (143) won their points and the Lady Wildcats won 3 points for the overall them 20 points and our Tigerettes only 7.

The Tigers in the first match only won 2 of their points with Taylor Richardson bowling a 175 and Trevor Toseland a 204. The second match saw Anthony Walker bowling a 187, JJ Parham a 167 and Trevor Toseland a 200 to win each of their points. The third game, Taylor Richardson had a 161, Anthony Walker a 172 and JJ Parham bowled an outstanding 208 to win their points. The Wildcats won overall points by 65, holding the Tigers to a 17-10 loss.

The Tigers/Tigerettes will travel Monday, Dec. 8 to Lawrenceburg to bowled the Wildcats again.