Mental examination is ordered before next trial

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Circuit Court Judge Robert Crigler last week denied a new trial request for a man convicted of harassment during a phone call and scheduled him for trial on a similar charge in a different case.

Ricky Eugene Scoville, 42, of McMinnville, was convicted Oct. 27 by a Marshall County jury on a charge that he telephoned a grocery store employee and made racially insulting remarks that had no legitimate purpose.

Scoville was sentenced on Dec. 3. Judge Crigler imposed the maximum term allowed under sentencing guidelines. That's up to two years for the crime of second offense harassment against the same person, as defined by state sentencing guidelines. He'd called the grocery employee before and was convicted in that case, too.

When Scoville was sentenced, he'd already served 194 days of the time he faces, according to the judge's sentencing order.

However, he faces another case also alleging telephone harassment because of another victim and, in preparation for trial on March 6 in that case, there's to be a mental examination.

Assistant District Attorney Eddie Barnard had asked the judge to order a mental evaluation based on information contained in the presentence report and proof heard at the presentence hearing.

Scoville's case file indicates that he suffers from compulsive obsessive disorder. Meanwhile, the defendant claims that he's "totally innocent" and was simply asking the grocery employee for a copy of a security tape recording from a parking lot camera.

Scoville's case file also contains a report listing several harassment charges dating back to 2003. Trespassing and littering charges are also noted.