Car set on fire in Chapel Hill

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A car was set on fire in front of the owner's home near Chapel Hill just after midnight Sunday morning.

Marshall County Sheriff's Deputy Tony Nichols' report states that he was called to Daughrity Road in Chapel Hill by homeowner David Ingram, 30.

"David Ingram reported that he was laying in bed and heard a boom outside his residence and his wife Jessica Ingram ran in and told him that his car was on fire," wrote Nichols.

"David reported he grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran outside to find his car fully involved in fire but was able to put the fire out," the report continues.

"Jessica Ingram reported that she had heard something outside and looked out to see a small car setting in the roadway behind her husband's car and then saw someone throw something from the vehicle which was flaming and then her husband's car exploded into a fireball.

"Jessica reported that the vehicle left headed toward Smiley Road but it was dark and she couldn't tell anything about it except that it was quiet because all she heard was the tires squealing. David's car had obvious signs that an excellerant had been poured from the right back corner over the roof and off the windshield," Nichols reported.

Ingram told the Sheriff's office on Monday that, in addition to fire damage, the passenger-side mirror of his 1999 blue Oldsmobile Alero was missing.