Woman jailed on bond violation

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A Lewisburg woman is likely to spend Christmas in jail after being caught violating the conditions of the bond she posted for an earlier offence.

Officer Amanda Newcomb's report on file at the Lewisburg Police Department states that she was parked at a local car dealership, observing the parking lot of a retail establishment about 10 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 20. The report states that Newcomb observed Kimmie Lee Cozart, 38, of Cornrsville Road, Lewisburg, arrive at the adjacent gas station and get out of her truck.

Newcomb's report states that she knew Cozart because she had arrested her for domestic violence against Ivonne Massa on Saturday, Dec. 6. One of the conditions for Cozart's bond imposed by the magistrate after this arrest was that "Ms. Cozart was not to have any contact with Ms. Massa until their court date on Jan. 5."

"She got out and walked over to where Ms. Massa was standing (this gas station is Massa'a place of employment) and begin talking," wrote Newcomb in her report.

"I entered ...the parking lot and made contact with Ms. Cozart. I placed her under arrest for violation of bond conditions...(and)...she is being held without bond until her court date," Newcomb's report concluded.